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The #1 Microcannula
in the USA

Safest device and method for painless and complication-free atraumatic filler injections.

The Ultimate
Blood Concentrate

is a revolutionary technique for advanced tissue regeneration purposes.

Microneedling Pen

Now used in combination with for facial and body rejuvenation, scars.


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"I use the DermaSculpt Microcannula to perform lip augmentation and I was very impressed with the fact that there was nearly no bruising after the procedure."

-Dr. Karimi

" has been a fantastic addition to my practice. It is easy to incorporate into our clinic protocols but best of all are the results we are seeing. It is now a top requested service."

-Dr. Rajani

"This is an amazing product. We have done many faces and all have returned for more sessions. It's fun & easy to use with great noticeable results. I wouldn't buy another laser after using this product."


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