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CosmoPen Training DVDStep by Step Training DVD.

CosmoPen Training DVD Step by Step Training DVD.

Our comprehensive DVD on the Microneedling technique (for beginners)

1- Introduction
2- Pre Treatment Care
3- Treatment Guidelines
4- Area Specific: Facial Indications
5- Area Specific: Acne Scarring and Stretch Marks
6- Post Treatment Care
7- Testimonials and Conclusion

4 Reviews

  • Reviewed by LJ Verified
    Great Trainong DVD
    The DVD training video was great! In-depth, great explanations about the proceedure as well as why each step was to be taken. I would recommend this to all health care providers looking to add this to their parctice,
  • Reviewed by Chynna Verified
    Great video
    Very thorough DVD. Very helpful.
  • Reviewed by Valerie W. Verified
    Great DVD
    Awesome training!
  • Reviewed by Chynna Verified
    Great video
    Very thorough DVD. Very helpful.