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ez2K Kit1 Patient Kit only compatible with the ezPRF Centrifuge

ez2K Kit 1 Patient Kit only compatible with the ezPRF Centrifuge

Due to the popularity of the ez2K Kits, we are currently experiencing some delay, To best serve you, you can proceed with your order as usual and receive the item when it becomes available again. Shipping will start after May 15th, 2021. You may also want to purchase the alternative:

Our EZ2K kit, is a 1 patient kit that contains 2 tubes of 13ml  for treatments requiring 3cc to 6cc of blood concentrate. 

It includes:

- Blister of 2 EZPRF tubes
- Blood collector set
- Disposable tourniquet
- 3ml Luer-lock syringe (x 2)
- 22G x 2 inches sharp Collection needle (x2)
- 27G x 1/2 inches sharp needle
- 30G x 1/2 inches sharp needle
- 25G 1.5 inch DermaSculpt microcannula
- 22G 2 inches DermaSculpt microcannula
- Female-to-female Luer lock connector

*ezPRF Kits only compatible with the ezMINISPIN Centrifuge

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