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Blunt Barb 5 - 18G x 4"Box of 5 Pouches of 2 Units (10 pieces).


Blunt Barb 5 - 18G x 4" Box of 5 Pouches of 2 Units (10 pieces).

Due to the popularity of the Blunt Barb 5 - 18G x 4" Threads, we are currently experiencing some delay, To best serve you, you can proceed with your order as usual and receive the item when it becomes available again. Shipping will start after May 21, 2021. You may also want to purchase the alternative:

Barb5 is the newest member of our US-made thread collection!

  • INNOVATIVE CUT: Barb5’s “Dual-Angle Cut,” surprisingly makes the barbs both stronger and narrower, resulting in a thicker thread with increased tensile strength

  • 3-YEAR EXPIRATION: Barb5 was made with safety and efficacy in mind and has a 3-year expiration date. 

  • MADE IN USA: Made in Miami, FL, Barb5 adheres to the highest manufacturing and sterilization standards.

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