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Sharp Smooth - 29G x 1½"Product Made in USA
Box of 5 Pouches of 4 Units (20 pieces).


Sharp Smooth - 29G x 1½" Product Made in USA
Box of 5 Pouches of 4 Units (20 pieces).

Our Smooth threads are designed to maximize the space inside the needle. This allows a thicker thread, resulting in a higher absorption rate.

  • MADE IN USA: Smooth threads are pre-loaded PDO threads made in the USA, with the highest quality standards for manufacture and sterilization.

  • 3-YEAR EXPIRATION: Made with safety and efficacy in mind, with a 36-month expiration date.

  • BEVEL-UP INDICATOR: The bevel-up indicator allows precise placement of the thread while inserted in the skin by providing a guide to the opening on the needle.

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